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Munching à la Strasser

In the morning, the Strasser presents itself from its cappuccino-coffee-cereal-fresh-fruit-grain-bread-egg-sauce-bread-and-chocolate-roll side. In short: the breakfast buffet is ready. The most important meal of the day, or so it was rumoured in the last century. It is important to us that you start your Graz explorations fortified.

Daily from 6.30 a.m. - 10.00 a.m. in the salon at the reception (ground floor).

  • Adults: € 16.50 / night

  • Children from 4 to 8 years: € 8.25 / night

  • Babies & toddlers: free


Relax, enjoy, let your thoughts wander

Right in the middle of the potpourri of styles, eras, and times, that’s where the bar is. Always open for you, Monday to Sunday, 24/7. AHere you can savour tasty grapes that have ripened on the sun-kissed slopes of Austria’s wine country. Hop lovers, Aperol fans and coffee junkies will also get their money’s worth.

Every day, around the clock.

Drinks & Food (PDF)

Take a deep breath between exciting explorations of Graz, put your feet up after a long journey, answer important e-mails and do a home office away from home.

The lobby of the Hotel Strasser is there for you.

You can be who you are and take what you need. Also, creative input. Because the reception, bar and breakfast area combine many memories of all the years that the Strasser has been in Graz under those artfully carved vaults.

Oil paintings with floral patterns and the typical gold leaf of Art nouveau follow pastel drawings that relate sea voyages under the Hungarian-Austrian crown. In between, large mirrors framed with old gold adorn the walls. Above you, world maps from bygone days shine in dimmed orange, peppered with compasses, star maps and telescopes.

Can you get up of the deep cushions of the leather armchair?

A short stroll through the lobby to the reception and the entrance area is worthwhile. Then you might notice the mosaic-shaped compass roses on the marble tiles at your feet. Or you get fascinated by the violet and white shimmering quartz crystals in the showcase on your left. The fact is: visual variety is provided.

Graz is waiting for you!

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